The Complete Secrets of Happy Children

From the author of the worldwide bestseller Raising Boys, this bind-up of the parenting classics The Secret of Happy Children and More Secrets of Happy Children by parenting expert and child psychologist Steve Biddulph tells parents everything they need to know about raising happy, healthy, confident children from babyhood to teens.

This bind-up brings all of Steve’s parenting tips and secrets together for the first time.

This book shows parents how to be true to themselves while also bringing up secure children who feel loved and respected, with self esteem and responsibility.

The book is aimed at a wide age group- from babies and toddlers to older children and teenagers.

Authoritative yet accessible, the book is full of case histories and familiar conversations and scenarios, as well as cartoons, that help parents relate to Steve’s message.

Published in 27 languages, this book has sold 2 million copies. It covers the whole of childhood, and was a breakthrough book in many countries in encouraging more affectionate, warm and engaged parenting. How to have discipline without using fear, and how to listen so children tell you their needs and fears before problems arise. A parent-friendly, funny, and easy to read book about understanding children and how they grow.


“This is one of the books that I’m addicted to; I’m currently reading it for the second time! It’s so full of useful information that I always want to go back to it as a resource.” Goodreads

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