The New Manhood

According to Steve Biddulph, “Most men today live behind masks. They put them on in the morning and keep them on until they fall asleep at night, adopting the clichés of what they perceive a real man to be. The problem is, it’s all pretend.”

In The New Manhood, Steve Biddulph explores the elements of a man’s life that often cause unhappiness, emptiness or frustration. Steve explores how deep down, men don’t know who they are or why others can’t find a true connection with them. 

The New Manhood comes sixteen years after the international success of the original Manhood. “The New Manhood contains everything I have learned about being male” says Steve, “from working as a family therapist and educator with men, and living for almost sixty years, struggling, reflecting, and researching about how a man’s life either works, or does not. The book invites men to escape from the ‘prison of self’ and bravely attempts to define the heart and soul of being a man in comparison to a boy. You see, a boy lives for himself, while a man should live for others. “

Steve has spent thirty years sharing his message about Manhood and Raising Boys with the world. The New Manhood represents his ultimate message – Grow up. Get connected. Grieve for what you have lost. Then get it back. 


“It changed my view of half the occupants of the planet and is one of the most helpful things I have ever read” Goodreads


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